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What I've missed most is you!

And I’m excited to be back in studio recording my latest music for you. I had thought that I would be able to share my music with you by now, however, the process of setting things up, creating music, writing and planning behind the scenes is still unfolding and so I hope you can continue to be patient with me.

It takes time to build a foundation…as you know without a strong foundation one cannot create anything long lasting. I’d like to get things just right for you so it’s not mediocre. I’m all for excellence and want to present songs and concepts that will be of value to you.

There’s so much I've been up to and I have so much to share with you, but before I proceed, I just want to say thank you for being a part of my journey since the inception of Naledi King.

Firstly, I’d like to share how this blog concept of SOUND BITES came about. I have been creating and testing many ideas to try and package what I want to share in a way that can be easily understood. Being a musician, I wanted to use sound as a carrier and catalyst for my message. So SOUND BITES came about. It combines learning, teaching and integrating through sound and the concept of taking little bites of information moment by moment.

I also want to emphasize the fact that whatever will be shared by me on any platform is MY PERSPECTIVE. As I grow, explore and understand more, my perspective keeps adapting and changing to something else. This is why each person needs to decide for themselves what they want to take and what they choose not to take. It’s important to test things out first to see for yourself if it fits or not….just as one would try out an outfit at a clothing store. All perspectives are valid and included in this universe otherwise they would not exist…it’s up to us to choose what is relevant. This is my perception and many may disagree, which is fine with me. All perspectives are here to help us become more AWARE, even the perspectives that cause us discomfort and pain.

For me, it’s important to share this because we have to start allowing ourselves time and space to process and understand how things fit into our lives. If we are opening up to something new and unfamiliar, how much of it is relevant to us. We can often find that we are trying to fit ourselves into moulds that don’t work for us. At every moment in our journey it’s good to take stock to see what’s no longer relevant and keep building on what’s relevant…to keep the energy fresh and flowing, because our own personal truth keeps evolving with us as we become the best versions of ourselves. There is a deep process of letting go of what no longer serves us in order to step into who we are becoming. It’s a balance between staying open to try and test new things and choosing what’s relevant as we move forward.

What I’m thrilled about is to be sharing from my own story and journey so far and the insights I have gained from going through my own refining process. I’d like to not leave anyone behind, so I have taken the time to package my story in a way that will be inclusive and easily understood by even a little child. I will continue to find ways to simplify things even more as I get feedback from you all. I’m excited about what we will keep creating together as we connect deeper.

With all my love and appreciation.

Have an amazing day!

Naledi King

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